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my story

My story probably shares some similarities to yours, which is why I’m so glad that you are here. If you are open to taking the next steps to discover more self-acceptance, better balance, deeper purpose, a renewed love of life, and much more, you are in the right place!

I was a stay at home mom for 5 years when I recognized I was burnt out and had a deep desire within to find purpose alongside being a mom. My intuition led me to take action and go back to school at age 46! 2017 was the beginning of trainings, certificates, coaching, being coached, and therapy. With all of this, I have created better habits, a better mindset and updated my belief system, which has led me to live an incredible life filled with more self-acceptance, better balance, and deeper purpose. Now, I have more peace, joy, and happiness for myself. I can now enjoy my two children, my husband, and other important people in my life. Letting go of perfection, control and codependency, orthorexia has been necessary in the achievement of living a life with so much more greatness. Every day I continue to recover from these things, as life is not without its ups and downs. But instead of waking up each day dreading what is next, I now look forward with excitement, positivity and joy in my heart. After all, life is a journey!  

When I look back at how many years I spent feeling burnout, unbalanced, overwhelmed, and perpetrating poor behaviours, it lit a fire in me to use these unique tools to help other moms.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a life outside of motherhood! This is what my own story and experiences have taught me. In fact, rediscovering yourself and learning new tools to deal with what life throws your way can help you be a better mom! This new sense of greatness, balance and purpose not only helps you to feel more aligned within yourself, but also helps your children feel this way as well.

I want to learn more about you and what you’re going through so that I can best support you on this next step in living your best life!

A moment in time that may resonate with you… 

Feeling burnt out, frustrated with being lost, lonely, empty inside…this was the way I felt deep inside as I went about my daily duties from day to day. I felt fortunate to be a stay at home mom, and yet I couldn’t reconcile these feelings I had within me. 
For years I was not feeling valuable or acknowledged. I  was tired of telling my husband that I folded laundry, vacuumed and baked cookies that day. There was something big missing in my life. One day a little voice inside me said,  Tracy, you have a purpose in your life and you can do this alongside being a mom”.  Little did I know that coaching was my path and is leading me to great purpose connecting with amazing moms like you.  Would it ever have been nice to have a coach on my side many years earlier to help guide me to where I wanted to go in my life.
Now I have to ask YOU, what is your purpose besides being a mom? Do you know what it is? Or do you feel lost and are looking for clarity on what that looks like? Either way, you will always have support here. 


You are so much more than an amazing mother.